History of the Society  

The European Society for Surgical Research was founded in the Faculty of Medicine of Nancy on the 17th of February 1966.

The society started life as: ‘La Société Européenne de Chirurgie Expérimentale’.

At the General Assembly in Salzburg, May 16th 1974, it was decided to change the name of The Society to 'European Society for Surgical Research' - ESSR.

The ESSR brings together surgeons and engineers, immunologists and molecular biologists from all over Europe and the world.

This idea is still valid and gains particular respect and attention in our times as it is characterized and driven by diversification and specialization of medical science.

The society provides a multidisciplinary, multinational, and multilingual platform which is still of high and unbroken attraction for both young researchers and clinicians to present their most recent scientific work. 

“Correlating  science with the art of surgical practice”

The ESSR initial objective is to encourage the development and expansion of high quality basic and clinical surgical research activity and to promote education in this field. The quality issues are also of great importance to competitiveness across the world; we must promote and demonstrate them. Continuous improvement in surgical research is no longer the only answer to the challenges we are facing in this world which becomes more and more complex, at high speed.

Current endeavors:

  1. With the creation of a junior board member, the society tries to involve young researchers and clinicians in the heart of the society. 

  2. The entire digital platform will be renewed for it to be ready fur the upcoming years. 

  3. The formation of a network of country representatives who can assist and promote the society in their respective language.

  4. Establish new positions in surgical research to foster young potentials in the field.

Sister societies:

As early as November 1966 an agreement with the British Surgical Research Society (SRS, now SARS or Society of Academic and Research Surgery) was established, so that the members of each society could submit papers for the meeting of the other society and that the members of both societies would be informed about the data of the scientific meetings of each society.

In 1968 another agreement between the ESSR -ESES at that time-, the SRS and the Society of University Surgeons (SUS) was reached on the organization of tripartite meetings at regular intervals not exceeding 4 years.

The first joint meeting of ESES, SRS und SUS took place in London, July 1969, the second in 1973. Since 1994 the General Secretary and the President of SRS and SUS are invited to the annual congress of the ESSR and they are given the honour to chair The Society's best session, the Walter-Brendel-Session. Furthermore, the winners of the Patey Prize of the SARS and of the Walter-Brendel Award of the ESSR are officially invited to give their presentation at the coming congress of the sister society.

Society of Univerity Surgeons:
Society of Academic and Research Surgey:

Latest news

Fellowship of the ESSR Program (FESSR)

ESSR members are encouraged to send their applications to the FESSR Program (

Deadline for 2018:  April 30, 2018

Scientific Committee for FESSR:

Prof. Rene Tolba

Dr. Jaroslav Chlupac

Dr. Zoltan Czigany

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