Fellowship program of ESSR

Fellowship of the ESSR (FESSR) program


The aim of the ESSR-FESSR program is to recognize members who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the field of surgical research as well as valuable service to the European Society for Surgical Research.

FESSR designation description:

The FESSR (Fellow of the European Society for Surgical Research) is a recognized member in good standing who demonstrated exceptional commitment to the field of surgical research as well as valuable service to the European Society for Surgical Research (ESSR). The designation does not anyhow alter the member’s rights within ESSR.

Types of the ESSR - FESSR certificate:

  1. FESSR regular certificate
  2. FESSR honorary certificate

Eligibility Criteria:

1. For Regular certificate:

1.1. The nominee must demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the field of surgical research by fulfilling following criteria:

- Documentation of board certification in the field of surgical research

- Documentation of the work published in an international peer-reviewed journals listed in the science citation index

1.2. The nominee must demonstrate participation in the ESSR:

- Attest to membership in good standing of the ESSR for a minimum of two years

- Attest to regular attendance at the ESSR annual congress

1.3. At least three years of working experience documented by the official institution

2. For Honorary certificate:

The ESSR board has got the right to propose a person, who in the view of the ESSR board fulfilled the above criteria but did not apply for the ESSR-FESSR Regular certificate, such person will be invited to submit the defined documentation and if eligible rewarded with the “Honorary ESSR-FESSR certificate”. The proposal has to be supported by five ESSR board members or fellows.

Application Requirements:

  1. Completion of the online application
  2. Submission of two letters of recommendation to be uploaded to the online application website. Both letters should address the applicant's commitment to the ESSR and academic surgery.
  3.  Submission of curriculum vitae
  4.  Payment of the application fee

Application Fee

The application fee will be EUR 250, and will not be refundable. There is no application fee for the Honorary diploma. There will be no maintenance fee for both diploma types.

Selection process:

Each year there will be deadline for the ESSR-FESSR fellowship documentation submission, published on the ESSR website. Applications will be reviewed by ESSR board and the applicant will be via email given the board assessment outcome. Unsuccessful applicants may submit additional supporting material for re-review during the next application cycle without paying an additional fee.


  • Induction during the annual ESSR congress
  • Use of the FESSR designation
  • FESSR certificate
  • Listing on the ESSR website

Latest news

Fellowship of the ESSR Program (FESSR)

ESSR members are encouraged to send their applications to the FESSR Program (

Deadline for 2018:  April 30, 2018

Scientific Committee for FESSR:

Prof. Rene Tolba

Dr. Jaroslav Chlupac

Dr. Zoltan Czigany

Further details can be found here.